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Welcome to our specialized practice in the heart of Munich

Dr. Bernhard Hofer and his staff Dr. Klaus Bärtl and Dr. Susanne Schuster are experienced, board certified experts taking care of you. We have specialized exclusively in the treatment of anal disorders and the pilonidal sinus, resulting in the most profound experience. The German association of coloproctologists (BCD) has approved our practice as a center of competence.

More than 4000 Patients place their confidence in our skills every year (09/2016 – 09/2017). We have focussed on the treatment of hemorrhoids (2064), pilonidal sinus (962), anal fissure (444) and anal fistula (228).  In total, we performed successful minimal-invasive surgery on more than 2400 patients with pilonidal sinus.

Personal devotion and latest medical technology

As different human beings may be, there is a wide variety of symptoms and underlying conditions in the anal region. We provide a thorough examination without undue time pressure, with the necessary degree of sensitivity and in an atmosphere of confidence and trust. Our equipment includes three-dimensional endoanal ultrasound, sphincter manometry, and electromyography for the detection of structural and functional disturbances.

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Five clinical signs which should make you see a proctologist:

  • Bleeding

    Traces of blood in the stool or on the toilet paper may cause concern about colon cancer. The vast majority of patients with these symptoms simply suffer from hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. The examination by a proctologist provides a peace of mind. We initiate total colonoscopy in cases of doubt.

  • Bulge and abnormal tissue proliferation

    When you feel something at the anus which should not be there most often we find an anal thrombosis or harmless skin tags. We differentiate those from true hemorrhoidal prolapse, warts caused by HPV viruses and rarely anal malignancy.

  • Pain

    Painful conditions include anal fissure, anal fistula and abscess, and anal venous thrombosis.

  • Itching

    Anal pruritus is a prevalent and annoying symptom of hemorrhoids, atopic dermatitis, and perianal psoriasis, less common of anal infections.

  • Moisture and discharge

    Moisture and discharge can be the result of hemorrhoidal disease, anal fissure and fistula, fecal incontinence and exaggerated activity of proctodeal glands.

Proven therapy options and innovative approaches

If a surgical procedure is the most promising choice for treatment, the experience of the surgeon and modern technology are the key to promote healing.  We provide the complete spectrum of laser technology,  radiofrequency therapy, and ultrasound-guided measures. Low-level laser treatment (LLLT) can enhance a fast and full recovery, magnetic stimulation (Biocon)  strengthens the sphincter muscle.

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If you suffer from anal complaints,  don’t hesitate to seek our advice! Dr. Hofer and Mr. Bärtl will be pleased to advise you and will choose the most considerate option of treatment. Call us now 0049-(0)89-292679 or write an email to

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New recommendations for the prevention of colon cancer

With increasing frequency Colon cancer strikes earlier in life –  the American Cancer Society publishes new recommendations. Examination of a stool specimen is recommended beginning with the 45th year of life, colonoscopy with 50. Between the age of 75 and 85, the decision about a colonoscopy should be discussed individually, from 85 years it is no longer recommended. In Germany, statutory health insurance covers according to the  G-BA colonoscopy in males beginning with 50 years, in females with 55 years. Starting in early 2019, the health insurances will contact their members and invite them for examinations. Take your chance to prevent colon cancer –  our experts will consult you to the following questions: How can I know if I have a risk of acquiring colon cancer? I have no complaints, should I go for an examination? I am younger than 45 years, but I have complaints like bleeding or changing bowel habits? Which is the risk of a colonoscopy? How can I find the right specialist for a colonoscopy?

An easy way to heal a Pilonidal Fistula (Pilonidal Sinus)

A pilonidal sinus develops if fragmented hair accumulates in the hair follicle and causes a foreign body reaction. This kind of inflammation occurs predominantly in the natal cleft. Symptoms are swelling, reddening, and pain (pilonidal abscess) and purulent or bloody discharge (pilonidal fistula). Dr. Hofer and Mr. Bärtl consult you about all aspects of treatment, from minimal-invasive and Laser surgery to permanent hair removal by Laser.

Proctology – Learn more about Hemorrhoids (Piles), Anal Fissures and Fistulas

Many people attribute all anal complaints to “the hemorrhoids.” Less well known are pilonidal sinus, anal fissure and anal fistula as causes of pain and bleeding. Our experienced physicians Dr. Hofer and Mr. Bärtl will identify the reason for your symptoms and chose the optimal therapy.

Treatment Options from Laser to magnetic stimulation

  • Laser Removal of Fistula (Fistulectomy)
  • Laser Removal of Fissures (Fissurectomy)
  • Laser Surgery of Hemorrhoids (Laser Hemorroidoplasty, Laser Hemorrhoidectomy)
  • Magnetic Stimulation for Pain Syndromes, Tissue Laxity, and Fecal Incontinency
  • noninvasive Laser Treatment of Fissures and Hemorrhoids (Low-Level Laser Therapy)



Employed Surgeons:

Klaus Baertl M.D., Board Certified Visceral Surgeon
Susanne Schuster M.D., Board Certified Surgeon
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