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Proctology and Laser surgery in Munich

Dedication and Excellence in Proctology. In the center of Munich since 2013.

Pilonidal Surgery Center (Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus and Cyst)

Chief Consultant and owner: Bernhard Hofer M.D. – Board certified Surgeon, Visceral surgeon and Proctologist

Employed staff members:

Klaus Baertl, M.D. –  Board-certified Visceral Surgeon

Susanne Schuster, M.D. –  Board-certified Surgeon

Brienner Str. 13, D-80333 Munich, Germany

Team Proktologische Praxis München

Proctology Clinic and Pilonidal Center: We are your experts.

Are you looking for a proctologist in Munich? Bernhard Hofer, M.D., and his staff member Klaus Baertl, M.D. and Susanne Schuster, M.D. three experienced medical specialists take care of you. We focus exclusively on the treatment of the anal disorders and pilonidal sinus.

Men (and women) are created equal but are not all the same. We listen and examine carefully because every symptom can be the result of numerous conditions and every patient has different preferences and needs. We explain all possible options to provide the basis for a rational decision. Together we find the best treatment modality for you.

Conservative treatment is not limited to pharmacologic approaches but also offers dietary supplementation and modification of intestinal microbiota. New technologies for surgery and rehabilitation include the application of energy by Laser (Low-Level Laser Therapy for the promotion of wound healing) and Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation (Biocon chair for better recovery after surgery and deliveries as well as improvement of the laxness of the sphincter and vaginal muscle).

Give us a call and get an appointment in our proctology practice in Munich. The complete team cordially welcomes you and is pleased to help you to feel well again.

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Kompetenzzentrum Proktologie BCD e.V.



Employed Surgeons:

Klaus Baertl M.D., Board Certified Visceral Surgeon
Susanne Schuster M.D., Board Certified Surgeon
competent center for proctology (BCD)
Brienner Straße 13
80333 Munich, Germany
Sprechzeiten: Monday to Friday 8 – 13 and 14 – 18 o’clock
Phone 0049 89 – 292679
Fax 089 – 29160900 2019