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Without limits: Our offer for the highest demands

Are you one of those people who do not look at the price when choosing products and services, but base their decision on maximum achievable quality? Is the best just good enough for you? Then a Premium Consultation is exactly the right thing for you, because after all it is about nothing less than well-being and health in your most sensitive body region! As proctologists, we are specialized in this area.

Good proctologists exist, well, some, and we are convinced to be among the better ones in Munich. Every patient who enters our practice will receive a competent and promising examination and treatment by an experienced specialist.

Why then a premium consultation hour?

Every specialist passes through various clinics during his or her further training, and some of them have already worked in a practice as an employee before settling down. From the beginning, not only medical knowledge is taught, but also cost awareness and time management trimmed to efficiency.

Section 12 (1) of the German Social Code (SGB V) stipulates that services provided under the statutory health insurance scheme must be adequate, appropriate and economical . The services must not exceed what is necessary. What is the measure of the necessary?

And also the private health insurances not seldom refuse the reimbursement of individual medical services as not necessary. For an "in-depth consultation", the fee schedule provides for 10 minutes and a remuneration of € 20.10! 

Thus, as a physician, it is easy to become accustomed to anticipatory obedience and not consider some options because they are expensive and may not be reimbursable.

Are you satisfied with sufficient - school grade 4 - performance in other areas of life? Are a high-quality automobile, a luxury hotel or a dinner with a star chef necessary? Why then do we accept economic limitations in what is actually the most important area, health? We want to close this gap in medical care with our new offer.

Take only the best of everything.

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What can you expect, when you choose a premium treatment?

Of course, you can't buy health. We don't have a solution for every problem either. Nevertheless, we have set out to completely rethink examination and treatment in our specialty of proctology and thus to raise patient comfort and treatment quality to a new level. In doing so, we do not ask whether a component of our service is absolutely necessary, but whether it is useful or desirable, or simply makes life a little more pleasant.

Priceless: Time

When you book a premium consultation with us, you have the option of booking a time slot of 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your individual consultation needs. Should an operation become necessary, we also reserve extra time for this for stress-free treatment without time pressure.

Zero waiting time

We treat your precious time with care - your premium consultation usually starts exactly on the agreed date and time. You will therefore only see our waiting room if you want to read a magazine after your appointment.

You want to arrive first - no problem either. Then you can order a refreshing drink, a coffee speciality or a pastry from Cafe Luitpold in advance.

Optimal planning

In advance, you will receive a medical questionnaire that you can fill out online. You will also check and countersign the fee agreement in advance. This saves you annoying paperwork at the registration desk and ensures discretion. And last but not least, you can also "book" desired examinations and treatments in advance. This means that we are well prepared for your appointment.

Prevention and well-being

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Intensified aftercare

Why use proven treatment modalities such as low level laser, vacuum dressings or magnetic field stimulation only after delayed wound healing has already occurred? Routine use of these techniques shortens healing time and improves functional outcome.

24/7 availability of your personal physician

After a premium operation, not just any duty doctor, but your surgeon is available for you around the clock in case of urgent problems. He knows the individual findings and can therefore also best help you solve little problems and rarely problems immediately.

How does a premium consultation work?

Premium proctology consultation

A Premium Consultation at Proctology is a comprehensive diagnosis, consultation and recommendation regarding the treatment of your proctology complaints. During a premium consultation, your personal and medical information is first collected, evaluated and a medical history is taken. A competent proctologist combines the findings from the medical history with examinations and examination results, such as blood tests, ultrasound examination or CT scan, etc. This is followed by a detailed consultation in which the proctologist explains possible treatment options and prognoses.

Following the consultation, you will receive a recommendation for treatment. This includes surgical intervention, depending on the severity and nature of your symptoms. You will have the opportunity to seek medical advice before deciding on a treatment course. During this consultation, the proctologist will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

For the highest possible accuracy and consistency of diagnosis and treatment, a premium proctology consultation can be very helpful. Experts in the field of proctology can provide a comprehensive exam

What are the advantages of premium consulting?

Proctology is a challenging medical discipline that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the colon and rectum. Because diseases of the anus are among the most difficult conditions to diagnose in medicine, the benefits of a premium consultation with a specialist can be great.

A premium consultation provides a detailed examination of the anus. A proctology specialist may perform a rectal exam to detect signs or symptoms of disease of the anus. The exam may also include other tests such as a stool test or colonoscopy procedure, depending on the type of disease of the anus that is suspected. These tests are important because they help determine the disease, make the correct diagnosis, and choose the best possible treatment.

A premium consultation also offers further advice on the prevention of diseases of the anus. The specialist can provide advice on diet and other behaviors that promote healthy anus wellness. For example, a specialist may advise patients on how they can change things like fiber, water, exercise, and stress management to prevent diseases of the anus.


What are the costs for a premium consultation?

Conclusion: Experience unique service level

What can you expect when you take advantage of a premium consultation?

For whom is premium consulting best suited?