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New: Laser for (almost) everyone! Many statutory health insurance companies now cover the costs of laser surgery for hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

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The right therapy starts with the right doctor

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Pain, burning, itching? Bleeding, protrusions or growths in the area of the buttocks and anus? Home remedies or hemorrhoid ointment from the pharmacy do not help? You fear a serious disease and are looking for a proctologist nearby?

Then you are at the right address with our specialists. We specialize exclusively in the treatment of the anus and coccygeal fistula (sinus pilonidalis).

With 31 years of clinical experience, personal attention and modern surgical techniques and treatment modalities, we will find the best possible treatment for you.

What sets us apart

  • Treatment always by an experienced specialist 
  • Competence Centre Proctology of the Professional Association of Coloproctologists (BCD)
  • Member of the German Society for Coloproctology
  • Experience in laser proctology since 2012
  • Full approval of all statutory and private health insurance funds including outpatient operations

Making informed decisions

Operation yes / no?

We are specialists in surgery. Consequently, surgical treatment, especially laser surgery, is our core competence. Nevertheless, not every patient needs surgery. We also advise you on alternative treatment options without surgery.

We give you a clear recommendation if surgery seems to us to be the best treatment option. For some clinical pictures, we are breaking new ground in order to be able to offer you the gentlest possible treatment. This applies to coccygeal fistula and laser treatment of hemorrhoids. For anal fissure and anal fistula, on the other hand, we rely only on the proven method of excision. Unfortunately, some promising developments have not been able to fulfill our hopes.

Just as important as a perfect surgical technique is the aftercare. With this in mind, we offer LLLT (low level laser therapy, also called soft laser therapy) for convalescence to stimulate the body's own healing powers at the cellular level. Magnetic therapy is a suitable non-invasive procedure for sphincter rehabilitation. Laser hair removal prevents recurrences after coccygeal fistula surgery.

See a proctologist if you experience …

The 5 most common symptoms in the proctologist's practice

Blood on the toilet paper


If you notice blood in the stool or blood when wiping, you may be worried about bowel cancer. Much more often, haemorrhoids or an anal fissure are the cause of bleeding. The examination by the proctologist gives you certainty.

Protrusions and growths

Most often, we see harmless anal thromboses or skin folds (marisques). However, it can also be prolapsed haemorrhoids, polyps, virus-related warts (condylomas) or, rarely, anal cancer (anal carcinoma).

Pain at the anus


Pain at the anus is most common with anal vein thrombosis (also called "external haemorrhoid"), anal fissure or anal abscess.

Itching, scratching


Itching affects the quality of life when you wake up at night or can no longer sit still in a meeting. Itching can occur with haemorrhoids, anal vein thrombosis or anal fistulas, but also with skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis or infection.

Stains in the pants

Moisture, secretion

Increased wetness can occur with haemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, anal fistulas or as a symptom of anal eczema, much less frequently with sphincter weakness and occasionally due to increased activity of the anal glands (proctodeal glands).

With incontinence, the way to the toilet becomes long

Weakness of posture (incontinence)

When the ability to control stool and bowel gas is disturbed, it is called incontinence. Treatment includes stool regulation, pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback and magnetic field stimulation.

Modern therapies from laser to magnetic field

Innovation in Proctology: New Forms of Energy

Einstein's ingenious idea of the laser allows for an unprecedented precision of treatment. Pulsating Magnetic Field (Signal) Therapy (PST) tightens connective tissue, strengthens muscle strength and sensitivity, and relieves pain.


Our specialisations

Laser surgery

Use all the advantages of laser technology for haemorrhoids (LHP), anal fissure and anal fistula as well as coccygeal fistula (SiLaC, laser sinusectomy).


Laser treatment

Hair removal, promotion of wound healing (LLLT), decongestant treatment for anal thrombosis and haemorrhoids

Your specialists in Pilonidal surgery

Avoiding major surgery with pit picking and lasers


Magnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor

Effective strengthening of the pelvic floor and sphincter muscle

Consultation and second opinion

Have you been advised to have an operation? We'll tell you if we see it the same way.

Conservative proctology

What can ointments, food supplements and medicines do?

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Finally, a few figures on our specialization (as of quarter 4/2022, source: KVB kassenärztliche Vereinigung Bayerns): 44.1% of our patients were treated for hemorrhoids (compared to 6.0% in the specialist group of surgeons in general), 19.5% for a fissure and fistula in the anal and rectal region (comparative value: 1.5% %), 8.2% for an anal skin disease, 25.9% for a coccyx fistula (comparative value: 0.5%). The average age of our patients was 38.6 years. In other words, coccygeal fistulas and hemorrhoids are by no means a symptom of old age. The gender distribution was relatively balanced with 41% female and 59% male patients.