Skin diseases of the anus

Itching, burning, rash

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Symptoms in the area of the outer skin around the anus (anus) are among the most common reasons why patients consult a proctologist. Although usually harmless, these complaints can significantly affect the quality of life.

The most important point for successful treatment is whether a cause can be found in the rectum. The examination therefore always includes a reflection of the rectum (proctoscopy, rectoscopy if necessary).

In doing so, one looks for inflammation of the mucous membrane(proctitis), a possible fistula opening as well as an internal or external prolapse of haemorrhoids or intestinal wall. These diseases cause chronic irritation of the surrounding skin due to moisture leakage.

If the rectal examination is unremarkable, one must assume a primary disease of the skin. A possible history of neurodermatitis, allergies or psoriasis supports this assumption. In this case, referral to a specialist in skin diseases (dermatology) is recommended.

Itching, scratching, burning at the anus
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