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Laser hemorrhoid surgery

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Hemorrhoids laser

LHP: Laser - Hemorrhoidoplasty

Laser treatment of dilated vascular structures has long been proven in the treatment of varicose veins (varices). In proctology, haemorrhoid treatment with an 810 nm laser was first reported in 2009 by Hèlio Plapler at the University Hospital of Sao Paulo. The development of a fine, cone-shaped radiating glass fibre probe and the use of a waveform-optimised 1470 nm laser improved the effectiveness of the laser application. 

Haemorrhoidoplasty (LHP) can be considered a mature therapy procedure today. In this procedure, the haemorrhoidal nodes are reduced in size and fixed from the inside with dosed laser energy. The Hemorrhoid Laser Procedure (HeLP), which only scleroses the afferent vessels at the base of the haemorrhoid, is even more restrained.

Laser treatment of haemorrhoids with the LHP procedure
Sclerotherapy of the enlarged haemorrhoid with the laser (© biolitec® AG, Untere Viaduktgasse 6/9, A-1030 Vienna )

The ligation method according to MORINAGA

HAL-RAR: Hemorrhoid ligation under ultrasound control

The principle of the surgical technique developed in Japan(patient information of the manufacturer A.M.I. ) is based on two approaches:

  • Hemorrhoid artery ligation (HAL): The arterial tributaries to the hemorrhoids that run under the mucosa are visited with a special ultrasound probe and blocked with sutures. This takes the pressure out of the system and the hemorrhoids shrink. Bleeding is effectively reduced.
  • Recto-Anal Reconstruction (RAR): In the case of a pronounced prolapse, this effect is not enough for the hemorrhoids to retract completely into the anus. 

Thus, the hemorrhoids are not removed, only the normal anatomy of the hemorrhoid cushions is restored. 

Scheme HAL-RAR for gathering hemorrhoids
Schematic drawing HAL-RAR surgery: left picture shows normal sized hemorrhoids, right picture shows prolapse and HAL suture.