Dr Bernhard Hofer

Specialist in surgery, visceral surgery and proctology

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Dr Bernhard Hofer Proctologist Munich

Bernhard Hofer M.D.

Specialist in surgery, visceral surgery, proctology

Owner and manager of the practice

  • born 1966 in Kempten in the Allgäu, Abitur in Sonthofen
  • Studies at the LMU Munich


Specialisation in rectal disorders

What is a proctologist?

Proctology, study of the diseases of the rectum and rump

The term comes, like so many technical terms, from the ancient Greek(πρωκτός prōktós = anus, rump). The proctologist is therefore a specialist for diseases of the rectum (rectal and anal canal). The second meaning fits well with our speciality of coccygeal fistula.

In Germany, the additional title of proctologist requires further training as a specialist. I first completed further training in general surgery (at least 6 years in a surgical department) and further training in visceral surgery (surgery of the internal organs, at least 3 years in a corresponding specialist clinic). Specialist, specialisation and additional designation are then acquired through a final examination before the State Medical Association.

Why become a proctologist?

Chance led me to proctology. In 2001 I was working as a young specialist at Starnberg Hospital and was chosen by the head physician to assist him in the proctology consultation. Shortly afterwards, the head physician died unexpectedly and I "inherited" his consultation hours.

St. Mark's Hospital

At that time, my knowledge of proctology seemed woefully inadequate, so I decided to do a longer placement at St Mark's Hospital in London - the first and still one of the leading proctology specialist hospitals in Europe.

St. Mark's Hospital
Entrance to the famous St. Marks Hospital & Academic Institute, London

Prof. John Nicholls and Prof. Robin Phillips conveyed to me the fascination for this supposedly marginal area of surgery. The experience of over 200 years of proctological surgery was everywhere at St Marks.

I realised how many people suffer from haemorrhoids, fistulas and chronic fissures, how differentiated examination and treatment have to be and how much doctors with profound knowledge of proctology are in demand.

Frankenwald Clinic

After my return, I applied to Professor Hager, one of the leading proctologists in Germany, holder of the Federal Cross of Merit and co-founder of the German Society for Coloproctology. In the course of two years of work, I learned proctology "from scratch" with him.

Proctology consultation at Dachau Hospital

Back in Upper Bavaria, I established a specialist proctology consultation at the Dachau Clinic, which I ran on my own responsibility until I settled in 2013. At that time, the first version of this website was created, which is currently undergoing its second relaunch. With it, we want to provide even more up-to-date, comprehensible and comprehensive information about the specialist field of proctology.

The way to the specialist


  • Doctor in internship at Klinikum rechts der Isar
  • Resident at the University Hospital Mainz
  • Resident at Starnberg Hospital
  • Specialist at the Frankenwald Clinic Kronach
  • Functional Senior Physician at Starnberg Hospital
  • Senior physician at Dachau Hospital

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And what else?


In my field, I observe new developments at congresses and in the DeepDyve literature portal. This gives me my university library at home! Sometimes you gain inspiration for a detailed improvement this way. And every now and then you come across a truly revolutionary innovation in therapy options.

I can be enthusiastic about technology without neglecting the basic tools of a proctologist, listening, looking closely and palpating sensitively.

Outside of medicine, my focus is on my family, I am married and have 3 children.

If there is still time, I keep myself busy with music (piano, songwriting), sports (tennis, running, fitness) and literature.


Specialists in visceral surgery, proctology

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