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Proctology in Munich since 2013

Proctologists Dr. Bernhard Hofer and Florian Liebl: About us

Dr. Bernhard Hofer and Florian Liebl, specialists in visceral surgery* and proctology** welcome you to our practice located in the center of downtown Munich. 

So if you have received a recommendation to see a proctologist, you are in the right place at our practice in Brienner Straße 13 above Café Luitpold, which is also ideally accessible by public transport - the underground station is directly in front of our entrance. 

We are there for you when complaints of the sensitive anal region limit your quality of life. Trust our empathy and experience. The most common diagnoses in our practice are coccygeal fistula (30%), haemorrhoids (20%), anal fissure (10%) and anal eczema (5%, all data as of 2020).

Together with a salaried specialist, 2 medical assistants, 2 nursing assistants, a registered nurse and a trainee, we treat around 5,000 patients per year with 10,000 doctor-patient contacts (male: female = 61 % : 39 %). You benefit from this experience through a routine and smoothly running treatment.

We are licensed to treat insured persons of all statutory and private health insurance companies and to perform outpatient surgery. For you, this means that the costs for services included in the catalog of the statutory health insurance are offered without co-payment. Only some special, innovative therapy procedures can only be offered as self-pay services, about which we will inform you in individual cases. 

Dr. Bernhard Hofer, Specialist for Surgery, Visceral Surgery and Proctology

Dr. Hofer completed further training as a surgeon in Munich, Mainz and Starnberg and in the focus of visceral surgery in Dachau. With Prof. Dr. Hager in Kronach he deepened the focus on proctology with a final examination at the State Medical Association.

Portrait Florian Liebl, Specialist for Visceral Surgery, Proctology
Florian Liebl, Specialist for Visceral Surgery, Proctology

Florian Liebl acquired his qualification as a visceral surgeon at Klinikum rechts der Isar and Klinikum Bogenhausen Munich. As a student of Prof. Dr. Iesalnieks, he expands our spectrum with the Karydakis and LIFT surgeries for coccyx and anal fistula

Visceral surgery (from Latin viscera = viscera ): Surgery of the organs of the abdominal cavity, the thyroid gland, the abdominal wall and the soft tissues of the body surface.

** Proctology (from the ancient Greek proktós = anus, rump): study of diseases of the rectum. Since the 2004 further training regulations, this has been an official additional title, which requires structured further training and an examination before the state medical association.