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Here you will find the information sheets on the focal points of our treatment with coccyx fistula, haemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula and laser treatment.

This information is based on my personal experience as a proctologist and focuses on our minimally invasive therapies. Therapeutic methods which we do not use ourselves are only mentioned in extracts. Some concepts will differ from the recommendation in guidelines, which must be based on published data and can only represent the lowest common denominator of the opinions of the experts involved.

In the information sheets you will find answers to most of the questions that patients keep asking us. Nevertheless, an information sheet cannot replace a visit to the doctor or a personal consultation and is not intended to be a treatment guide.

The state of medical knowledge is developing rapidly. When new technologies become available that benefit the patient, we will incorporate them into our therapy concept. It can therefore always happen that an information sheet does not yet take new developments into account.

coccyx fistula (Pilonidal sinus)

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This information sheet explains the treatment procedure for coccyx fistula. The explanations refer to the minimally invasive operation under local anaesthesia under outpatient conditions which is common in our practice. Our procedure is explained step by step from the appointment to the follow-up treatment. Do I need a special operation preparation? What has to be considered when making an appointment? Do I need an escort? Is the operation painless? What is the significance of laser treatment? When can I take a shower, exercise and go to work? How long does the healing take? These and many other questions are answered here.

Last update: 13.12.2017 Dr. Bernhard Hofer

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This info-flyer gives you all the information you need about our minimally invasive treatment of Pilonidal Sinus. From scheduling an appointment to completion of wound healing every step is explained in detail. Do I need special preparation for surgery? What do I have to consider when getting an appointment? Do I need a companion for the day of surgery of Pilonidal Sinus? What do I need to know about local anesthesia, is the operation pain-free (Yes it is)? What is the importance of the different laser applications? What should I keep in mind about personal hygiene, sportive activity and return to work? How long will it take for the wound to close? These questions and many others are answered on this document.

Last updated: 13.12.2017 Dr. Bernhard Hofer

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This fact sheet explains: What is a coccyx fistula? What treatment is available?

Last update: 15.12.2017 Dr. Bernhard Hofer

Further information sheets will follow shortly!