All our information material as PDF!

Here you will find the information sheets on the focal points of our treatment with coccyx fistula, haemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula and laser treatment.

This information is based on my personal experience as a proctologist and focuses on our minimally invasive therapies. Therapeutic methods which we do not use ourselves are only mentioned in extracts. Some concepts will differ from the recommendation in guidelines, which must be based on published data and can only represent the lowest common denominator of the opinions of the experts involved.

In the information sheets you will find answers to most of the questions that patients keep asking us. Nevertheless, an information sheet cannot replace a visit to the doctor or a personal consultation and is not intended to be a treatment guide.

The state of medical knowledge is developing rapidly. When new technologies become available that benefit the patient, we will incorporate them into our therapy concept. It can therefore always happen that an information sheet does not yet take new developments into account.

coccyx fistula (Pilonidal sinus)

The information material on coccygeal fistula can now be found on our new page on this diagnosis

Further information sheets will follow shortly!