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Equipment: Laser and magnetic field

State-of-the-art technology and stylish ambience

Equipment of the practice

We want you to feel comfortable in our practice from the very first moment. Dimmed lights and a calm atmosphere in the entrance area make you forget the hustle and bustle of Munich city centre as soon as you enter. In the waiting room you can then take a seat on our comfortable chairs.


Choose between various magazines and journals, or let our infotainment screen inform you about the daily events, weather and sporting events as well as special medical offers from our practice.

If there is nothing to suit your taste, log on to our free patient WLAN with your terminal device.

In the waiting room you will also find a charging station for your mobile devices. This allows you to make the most of even short waiting times.

Entrance area of the proctology Dr. Hofer
Entrance area with info screen
Sterilon room air disinfection with UV-C and HEPA filter © Lena Lighting

Covid19Avoid infections


The waiting room and all treatment rooms have continuous air purification and disinfection with UV-C light and HEPA filters. Also use the disinfectant dispensers in the hallway and toilet.

Please understand that we currently still insist on the wearing of an FFP2 mask and ask that accompanying persons wait outside the practice unless medically necessary. If required, we will provide you with a mask at cost price.

All doctors in the practice are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and wear FFP2 masks for your protection.

Practice hygiene is monitored by the renowned BZH (German Advisory Centre for Hygiene). All electrical equipment and active medical devices are subject to inspection by the manufacturer and TÜV Süd.

Precise operations, effective aftercare

Medical technology

Our treatment rooms and operating theatre are equipped with the latest medical equipment so that we can treat you in the best possible way and as minimally invasively as possible.

Our modern practice is technically advanced. We have several types of lasers at our disposal: Three surgical lasers, a laser for wound treatment and a hair removal laser.

An electromagnetic chair is used to build muscles and incontinence, in which our patients can fully clothe themselves and relax with a newspaper on their lap during the treatment.

Knowledge is power


Our treatment rooms are equipped with monitors on which we can give you clear information about your treatment.

In our download area you will find information material on the various treatment options, which you can also obtain from us in printed form.

All newly designed sub-pages of our website are equipped with a bibliography for further information in the medical literature.

The complete list

Equipment at a glance

  • Laser medicine with 3 lasers for surgical procedures: 1470 nm for haemorrhoids, 980 nm for anal surgery and 470 nm for the removal of coccyx fistulas
  • Wound therapy with defocused Near-Infrared Laser (LLLT) to stimulate wound healing
  • Diode laser for permanent hair removal with special handpiece, which can be used to treat areas of the body that are difficult to access
  • Equipment in the operating room with devices optimally selected to our needs: Electric scalpel for the smallest accesses, hemostasis by electrocoagulation, monitor monitoring, ultrasound examinations in the operating room
  • Electromagnetic therapy - chair for muscle building, pelvic floor tightening and incontinence
  • Measurement of the muscular performance of the sphincter muscle by manometry
  • Endoscope for high-resolution fistuloscopy with 3.5 mm optics
  • Monitors in the treatment rooms for the demonstration of findings
  • EDP equipment for data security and patient management system with paper-free file
  • Processing of our instruments under documentation and monitoring by validated washer-disinfectors and an autoclave for sterilization
  • Infotainment in the waiting room with current topics
  • mobile filling station


Specialists in visceral surgery, proctology

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