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Simply fill out the contact form and the next possible appointment in our proctology consultation will be reserved for you without obligation.

How to get to your appointment quickly and easily

Dear patient,

Our telephone is often busy despite backup from the home office. Unfortunately, our telephone system still does not send a busy signal.

089 – 292679

Therefore, please prefer to use the contact form below. These enquiries are always answered by a doctor, so that you often get useful advice before an appointment and always get the appointment that suits your problem! This leaves our telephone line free for urgent matters or emergencies.

The appointment confirmation by mail is sent directly from our booking system. These mails often end up in the spam folder. Therefore, please also check your spam folder if you are waiting for a reply to an appointment request.

Contact form (Please also check your spam folder if you have requested an appointment!)




This communication channel offers end-to-end encryption, has its servers in Switzerland and meets the requirements of the GDPR. Like other messengers, it allows the transmission of images. Threema is available for web, Android and iOS. We do not offer phone calls via Threema.


Simple requests (appointment cancellation, follow-up prescriptions, certificates etc.) can be sent to us by e-mail. Please give us 1 - 2 working days to reply. One more request: We have to deal with the mail communication in addition to our normal work. Therefore, please collect your questions in one single mail, as we cannot provide a question-answer chat via the mails.

Office hours

Monday - Thursday 9 am - 6 pm

Friday 9 - 13 h

and by arrangement

Saturday/Sunday/holiday closed

We have special consultation hours for some diagnoses, such as coccyx fistula, anal fistula and general preliminary discussion of surgical procedures.

If a suitable date is not available, we will gladly put you on the waiting list. Patients who no longer need their appointment, we ask for a short message, so that we can re-allocate the freed appointment.

In case of urgent concerns such as bleeding, severe pain or problems after surgery, please mark your request accordingly in the subject line.

Hygiene rules due to the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the large number of enquiries: Unfortunately, we do not have the personnel and spatial requirements for Corona vaccinations and must refer you to your family doctor in this regard.

Just in time

Come on time, but not substantially before the planned date. Should you arrive significantly earlier in Brienner Straße, we kindly ask you to stay outside until shortly before the appointment if weather conditions are acceptable.


Please bring only one accompanying person into the practice rooms, if there is a good reason for this (e.g. need for help, underage patients, language problems).

Air disinfection

From now on, the air in waiting rooms and treatment rooms will be continuously disinfected by one device each for UV-C and HEPA filtration to reduce aerosols.

Masking obligation

In the building (especially the lift) as well as in the practice rooms, we still have to insist that you wear an FFP2 mask due to our limited space. If required, you will receive a mask at cost price of 1 €.


Please disinfect your hands after entering the practice using the dispenser mounted in the hallway.

Outpatient procedures under local anesthesia are possible without restrictions until further notice. Prerequisites are freedom from symptoms (no fever, cough, disturbance of the sense of taste, shortness of breath) and no quarantine as contact person.

Regarding the regulations in the Iatros Clinic for outpatient operations, please contact the clinic directly on 089 46135626.

Proctology Dr Hofer

Brienner Str. 13

80333 Munich, Germany