Proctology practice Munich, Germany

Private Institute for Laser Proctology

Dr. Bernhard Hofer and Florian Liebl, specialists in visceral surgery, proctology

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Dear patient,

our telephone is frequently busy despite backup from the home office. Unfortunately, our telephone system still does not send a busy signal. Therefore, please use our new online calendar for all appointment requests. Unfortunately, there are still some malfunctions,the form below remains active for individual inquiries . These requests will always be answered by a physician. At the moment, appointments with Dr. Hofer, for example, are not displayed for patients with statutory health insurance, although they are available.

Online calendar

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  • Quick and simple

    Online appointment booking

    Quick and easy: We have now released all regularly available dates for booking. Please feel free to give us feedback if something does not work as desired. 

    The following appointment - categories are available for selection:

    1. Proctology consultation: This is the right place for you if you have anus complaints.
    2. Consultation hours for coccygeal fistula: Here we deal exclusively with patients with sinus pilonidalis.
    3. Examination / Treatment Coccygeal Fistula "All-in-one": Please select this category only if the diagnosis of sinus pilonidalis is already established or very likely. A time window of 2 hours is reserved, which is sufficient for immediate treatment in most cases.
    4. Laser consultation: This is held by a trained laser therapist and can only be chosen if you have already been to our doctors for examination and consultation.

    Please be sure to select the correct appointment category, otherwise we will not be able to confirm the appointment!

  • Individual requests

    Contact form (Attention, dates often end up in the spam folder!)


Simple requests (appointment cancellation, follow-up prescriptions, certificates etc.) can be sent to us by e-mail. Please give us 1 - 2 working days to reply. One more request: We have to deal with the mail communication in addition to our normal work. Therefore, please collect your questions in one single mail, as we cannot provide a question-answer chat via the mails.

Office hours

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Saturday/Sunday/holiday closed

In case of urgent concerns such as bleeding, severe pain or problems after surgery, please mark your request accordingly in the subject line.

Hygiene rules due to the coronavirus pandemic

Due to the large number of enquiries: Unfortunately, we do not have the personnel and spatial requirements for Corona vaccinations and must refer you to your family doctor in this regard.