New recommendations for the prevention of colon cancer

With increasing frequency Colon cancer strikes earlier in life –  the American Cancer Society publishes new recommendations. Examination of a stool specimen is recommended beginning with the 45th year of life, colonoscopy with 50. Between the age of 75 and 85, the decision about a colonoscopy should be discussed individually, from 85 years it is no longer recommended. In Germany, statutory health insurance covers according to the  G-BA colonoscopy in males beginning with 50 years, in females with 55 years. Starting in early 2019, the health insurances will contact their members and invite them for examinations. Take your chance to prevent colon cancer –  our experts will consult you to the following questions: How can I know if I have a risk of acquiring colon cancer? I have no complaints, should I go for an examination? I am younger than 45 years, but I have complaints like bleeding or changing bowel habits? Which is the risk of a colonoscopy? How can I find the right specialist for a colonoscopy?

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