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Proctology practice: Am I in the right place?

Welcome to our website, where we give you an insight into the process of a proctological examination. You often ask yourself: Am I in the right place? Which doctor is responsible for my complaints? We understand that seeing a proctologist can be fraught with uncertainty and questions. That is why we would like to provide you with a clear overview of the examination process on our website and show you that you are in good hands with us. On our "Diagnoses " page, we have compiled the most important reasons for a visit to the proctologist.

In our specialist practice, we concentrate on the outpatient treatment and surgery of a wide range of proctological diseases. Our particular strengths lie in the field of laser surgery and minimally invasive therapy, especially for Pilonidal Sinus, chronic anal fissures, hemorrhoidal disease and basic proctological diagnostics. In doing so, we rely on many years of experience that cannot be replaced by anything else.

At the same time, we attach great importance to the safety of our patients. We have discontinued our organizationally very complex work as attending physicians, which is why we no longer have any hospital beds available for inpatient treatment. Performing operations on the abdominal wall and in the abdominal cavity (visceral surgery) is not possible on an outpatient basis in a responsible manner and is no longer offered. Even in the case of significant surgical risks in connection with underlying diseases, we have to refer patients to specialized clinics for specialist and maximum care instead.

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Questionnaire proctology practice Munich
Questionnaire proctology practice Munich